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Taking Savory Noodles to the Next Level

Aglio e Olio is not only fun to say, it’s fun to eat. Meaning Garlic and Oil this is a deceptively simple dish that explodes with flavor. This take on the Italian classic comes to us from Brazilian chef Alex Atala whose restaurant in Sao Paulo is ranked in the top 5 in the world.  It was brought to my attention by my son, who fortunately speaks Portuguese, and translates the videos that Mr. Atala shoots in his home kitchen.
First we’re going to roughly chop lots of fresh garlic which we lightly sauté in virgin olive oil. As the garlic infuses the oil, we’ll grate in some lime zest which brightens and contrasts the flavor with sunnier notes. After we remove this delightfully aromatic combination, we fry thin strips of bread until it is crisp and has picked up the last of the garlic infused oil.  We will then cook a classic handmade semolina spaghetti only until it is very al dente.  This gets added back into the pan and tossed thoroughly with the oil and garlic and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. The result is less a sauce and more of a deeply flavored dish of noodles. We top it with the toasted strips of bread which add a tasty crunchy contrast to the pasta. Since my son introduced me to this dish, we have made it several times and it seems like each time we enjoy it more than the last. I think you’ll enjoy it too!

Citrus Aglio e Olio


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