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Thank you!

After a joyous

Two-and-a-Half Years

Mangia Bene 



It was an idea that came to life during the early days of the pandemic lockdown, which grew out of a desire to create something positive during a time of isolation.

It created a wonderful opportunity to connect with our neighbors in Echo Park and share our love of cooking. 

We thank everyone who joined us for our Sunday dinners. It has been such a pleasure to share our love of pasta with all of you. Every Sunday, as we packaged up our handcrafted meals in our signature green bags, it always put a smile on my face, as if I were dropping off presents.

But all good things end. 

Such is currently the case. My son, sous chef, delivery boy, and business partner has embarked on a new adventure, moving to western Sacramento where he has accepted a position as an assistant district attorney. 

I'm immensely proud of him and I know this is going to be the start of a brilliant career.

As for me, in addition to a number of currently work projects, I am going into a new venture on Sunday afternoons.

I will be jumping into the creation of two different biographies for dear friends of mine who both turned 94 this year. I'm looking forward to creating a chronicle of a couple of incredible, well-lived lives.

This is a bittersweet farewell. Every Sunday with Mangia Bene has been a fun adventure and we thank you for accompanying us on this journey. 

It has been such a passion project that I wouldn't be surprised if Mangia Bene re-emerges at some point in the future.

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