This Week's Dinner
Spaghetti Pomodoro

There’s a reason it’s the world’s favorite pasta dish!

This week's rain made me crave comfort food. And for me nothing is more of a comforting throwback to when I first fell in love with pasta, as a kid -- a dish of Spahgetti Pomodoro.  I'll start by  sautéing some onions and fresh garlic. Then I’ll peel and core the ripe tomatoes and crush them by hand. They’ll be added to the onions and garlic, joined by a bunch of chopped organic basil right out of the garden and then simmered slowly, for hours to create a sauce brimming with flavor. We’ll pair this with handmade semolina spaghetti, then topped with more fresh basil and garnished with a generous dusting of grated imported parmesan for a dish that is perfect in it’s sumptuous simplicity!

Make sure to swipe up that last bite of sauce with a tasty, soft, freshly baked garlic breadstick!

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