This Week's Dinner
Lasagnette with Asparagus, Basil & Meyer Lemon

At the risk of repeating ourselves…

I am so loving asparagus this spring. It seems particularly fresh and abundant. And what is the saying? Too much of a good thing can be… delicious? With that in mind we have revisited our primavera at home over the past couple of weeks,  since it quickly shot onto our top ten list of our favorite pasta dishes. I wondered if it could be improved upon. The answer is YES! This week we are introducing a new variation. It’s everything we loved about our previous primavera, and then some.  We have lots of fresh asparagus, sautéed quickly so that it is tender but still has a fresh crispness. But first we’re going to take handmade semolina lasagnette - a noodle a little wider than fettuccine that pairs excellently with the chunks of asparagus.  We’re going to cook this barely al dente and then toss this into a very light cream sauce, similar to a couple weeks ago, using a little butter and a splash of half and half but this time we’re infusing it with organic Meyer lemon zest (from the happy little tree in our back yard) to give is a bright zing. The sauce really comes together with starchy pasta water to form a fun, almost magically silky sauce. Then, as we toss in the asparagus, we finish it with a squeeze of fresh Meyer lemon juice to give it a sunny tang. If I could pick one dish to sum up Spring, this would be it!

Balance that delicious sauce with one of our salty, crusty pretzel rolls! 


Lasagnette w:Asparagus, basil and meye l