This Week's Dinner

Penne alla Vodka

Simple but SUBLIME!

How a few simple ingredients can make a sauce this good is pure magic! Or is it science? My kid/sous chef/delivery boy asked, "If the alcohol cooks away and vodka is essentially flavorless, why add it?" After a little research I learned that as the alcohol in the vodka burns away, it frees acids that bond with the sugars in the tomato sauce to make the flavors more complex and aromatic.
But you don't have to geek out over things like that (as I do) to LOVE this sauce!
I use imported tomato paste and high-end vodka combined with fresh onion and garlic, sauteed with just enough crushed red pepper flakes to add just a hint of heat without too much kick. A finish of sweet cream gives it a rich, silky smoothness, then grated Paremsan cheese  supplies the perfect tangy counterpoint. You'll have a sauce that's an absolute delight.
Now tumble in some handcrafted penne cooked to al dente perfection, scatter it with some organic, home grown basil and a dusting of more Parmesan and you've got something exquisite in its perfect simplicity!


Complete your meal with a crusty, savory Pretzel Roll!

penne alla vodka_edited.jpg